“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.”

What kind of stories are you telling your online audience with your personal branding? Take a look at the profile pictures you use to promote yourself (just don't tell me if it's a bathroom selfie), see yourself through the eyes of your ideal audience, and get a brand new "first impression." Do you look like the person that your ideal client would want to do business with?

If you answered yes, great! You're way ahead of a lot of small business owners and entrepreneurs who are still using old headshots or selfies to promote themselves. And I can help you build on the branding work you've already done!

And if you answered, "No, I don't have a professional online look... " or "I'm not really sure how I should look. I just know how to do my thing!" that's OK! And totally normal.

You're in the same situation as a lot of my clients... you really know your stuff, but people might not think you LOOK like you do, so they scroll on by. Or worse, they're turned off by something you think is cool (did I mention bathroom selfies??)

Those problems are easily fixable. And I can help you in a few different ways.

“I help small business owners take their online presence from blah to POW!”

👉🏼 First, you need to get clarity about the stories you're telling online, both in your content and in your online imagery. The most important image is the profile pic - the receptionist of your personal brand. Get that part right and you'll instantly show up online looking like the pro you are. Even if you're at home running your business in your PJs!

As my client, I will guide you toward clarity with some thought-starter questions; as we delve into who you are, what you do (and for whom), what your personal brand says about you right now, and what you'd like it to say. (And if you're ready to plan long-term, we would go deeper into what where you want your brand to be in 1-3 years.)

👉🏼 Second, we'll plan "stories" that highlight the areas of your brand that say something specifically to YOUR ideal audience. (What I offer is not cookie-cutter branding, where you pick a paper backdrop and I hand you your coffee cup and laptop props. Each detail is personalized to you, your brand, and YOUR stories.) Every person on earth has a singular set of gifts that combine in just the right way to create their unique offering to the world.

✨✨✨ That magic, that only you have, is what we'll uncover and capture together. ✨✨✨

Those stories, captured in professional imagery, will give you the authenticity needed to help you surf the waves of an increasingly crowded online sea of mediocrity. Instead of blending in with your competition, you will stand out to your ideal audience and attract them right to you! (And if you don't have an ideal audience in mind yet, I can help with that too.)

👉🏼 And third, we'll do your photoshoot! Based on your story plans and brand aesthetic from Step 2, we will tell your stories through various elements, like location, wardrobe, props, lighting, colors, body language, facial expression, etc. I will be your guide the whole way, directing you through the photoshoot, so we'll have a lot of fun while truly capturing your essence.

If you're interested in having a brief, no-pressure conversation, click the button below to book one. I'll give you a free 15-minute personal brand audit if you'd like one. If you're not ready for an audit, we can just have a talk and I'll learn about you and give you any advice that comes to mind. Hope to chat with you soon!

What people are saying



That's what your clients, friends, and even strangers will do when they see your new, polished, personal brand imagery!

Each time you "wing it" with selfies you're hurting your Brand (and wasting your time!)

Not only can selfies give a bad first impression of your business or personal brand, but creating all that content can be very time-consuming!

Here's what I mean... you can easily spend half an hour a day (I've been there myself!) trying to get the perfect selfie angle, taking a bunch of shots, scrolling to find the best-looking photo, then cropping, editing, and posting it. That adds up to 42 hours per quarter!

Once you have a collection of personal branding photos, created in tandem with a professional to help you with story-planning, lighting, posing/facial expression coaching, editing, etc., (and cropped to all the sizes you need for all your social media needs) you'll be able to select images and schedule your social media posts ahead of time. YOU decide how often you want to spontaneously jump into engagement with social media, and when you need to get other things done and let your professionally created and branded content do its job.

Imagine that. Saving time while you elevate your online appearance. It's like getting back an entire workweek every quarter... and looking like a rockstar while you do it!

WHy AM I SO SURE I CAN HELP YOU create a brand you'll be proud of?

As a radio personality and actor, I've been telling stories to listeners and viewers for my entire career. But I've been a storyteller my whole life. I got my first camera for Christmas when I was 11. And I haven't stopped taking photos since!

Now, I'm combining my art background, media knowledge, and photography skills, to create Personal Branding Photography and Strategy for solopreneurs who are ready to level up, be seen, and make money as the experts they are.

If you'd like to talk about how I can help you stand out in a busy online world and create a personal brand that will help you attract your ideal clients, click the button below and schedule a free call with me!


People buy from people, not companies.

When you humanize your brand and give your audience the opportunity to take a peek at you being you, it gives you an advantage in business, because you look like someone who'd make a good friend. And people want to hang out with and buy from their friends.

Personal Brand Photography finds that harmony between who YOU are and what YOUR BRAND is about.

That essence is what we'll capture in your personal brand photos to tell the unique story of you.

I can help you capture all the things there are to love about who you are and what you do, and provide you with a steady stream of new content to post. But you can use your photos in so many other ways beyond social media... websites, signs, book covers, album covers, promotional materials, etc.

The Story Session Plan:

We’ll meet via phone or video chat for a 90-minute deep-dive into your brand, to truly define the stories you want to tell your online audience. ⁣Don't worry, I won't leave you on your own to come up with a plan. I have a process that will help us get there together! My clients find this coaching/planning process is as beneficial to their brand as the photos themselves. (So useful that I packaged it up into a Personal Branding Secrets course, coming soon!)

Then in a fun and relaxing photoshoot, we'll create a collection of images that are all high-quality and on-brand, giving you weeks (to months!) of social media posts that will make you stand out online. Then, that part of your marketing is done, out of the way, and off your mind!

Here's How It Works

Step One:

Contact Me

Click the button below to message me.

Step 2:

I'll Reply

I'll answer any initial questions you have via email, then we can set up a free chat via phone or Zoom.

Step 3:

Plan Your photoShoot

After our consultation, we'll decide if we're a good fit for each other. If we are, we'll sign the paperwork to make it official, then plan your strategy session and photoshoot.

Step 4:

Get the photos

On the day of your photoshoot, we'll review our plan and what stories we're going to tell. Then I'll direct you every step of the way as we create your collection of images.

A Personal Brand Photography shoot will:

  • Make you LOOK like the professional you are and show that you are an authority in your industry.
  • Elevate your online presence, making higher quality leads stop scrolling.
  • Save you the time of having to take selfies or set up timers to shoot yourself.
  • Give you back the time you'd spend going through all those shots to find the best ones to post.
  • Give you a database of different expressions and emotions that will trigger ideas for future posts.
  • Give you the rights to edit them however you like. Add a quote and turn a photo into a meme. Maybe you'll go viral! Having the Commercial Usage Rights to use your photos in your own way is crucial.

I'd love to become your team member, crafting the story of your personal brand and capturing your story in photos.

I've been on both sides of the camera and I know a photoshoot can be nerve-wracking. But I'm skilled at making it easy and fun, even if you usually feel awkward having your photo taken. Capturing your personal brand SHOULD be fun; not a stiff, awkward photo shoot that drags on and on! We're telling the stories of you, so it's important to me that you feel confident and comfortable.

Let's show the world who you are and what you do! Just click the button on the bottom of the page to get started.

And check out some of my work in the gallery below: 

Let's get started telling the story of you!

If you want to elevate your personal brand and connect with your audience in a deeper way, I'd love to help you create and execute a plan to create scroll-stopping images that will show the world who you are and what you do!

Prices start at $3500 for full Story Session shoots. And I offer discounts for recurring clients and payment plans. (Ask me about those things when we chat.)

I only have room to work with 12 recurring clients a year, so don't wait!

Click the button below to set up a chat with me.

I'm in, Jen. Let's Talk!